Brazil / 2018 / Portuguese with Spanish and English subtitles / 152 min

  • Director 

    Douglas Duarte

  • Producer: 

    Julia Murat


    Douglas Duarte

  • Photography: 

    Camila Freitas


  • Mar 8 - 12:00 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 1

  • Mar 9 - 21:15 Cine Colombia (Paseo de la Castellana) 3

  • Mar 11 - 15:15 Cine Colombia (Plaza Bocagrande) 2


In May 2016, the Brazilian Congress began a process to remove the president of the time, Dilma Roussef. During this process, Douglas Duarte enters the legislative chamber with his recording equipment to investigate what many consider to be a conspiracy. The documentary, as the director himself has recognized on more than one occasion, began with the idea of painting a portrait of congress and how parliamentarians act, but, as with any good artistic work, he ended up taking his own path. With off-camera narration, interviews and images from archives, Excellentissimos recounts a chapter in Brazil’s recent history, involving an abrupt upheaval of its ruling elite. One of the film’s underlying threads is its somewhat observational objectivity and somewhat direct cinema, along with echoes of Coutinho; a reminder that a film is always about who makes it and who tells its story. An elaborate political account about the fall of years of leftist government ruling in the largest and most powerful country on this side of the continent.


Isabel Lessa producao@esquina.art.br


Douglas Duarte

Douglas Duarte

Writer and filmmaker. His first film, co-directed with Adriana Mariño, was Personal Che (2008). The film was selected to festivals such as Mexico’s DocsDF and was distributed on TV in the US and Europe. In 2012 Duarte directs Territory. The film was shelved after the local government threatened legal action. 2015 brings the documentary Seven Visits.