Los Andes Symphony Orchestra

Premier Mundial


Colombia / 2018 / Spanish with English subtitles / 115

  • Director 

    Marta Rodríguez

  • Producer: 

    Lucas Silva, Felipe Colmenares, Valeria Ponce, Julio Weiss

  • Screenplay: 

    Marta Rodríguez, Lucas Silva

  • Photography: 

    Fernando Restrepo

  • Cast: 

    Comunidad indígena Nasa del departamento del Cauca



Much more than a pioneer of documentary filmmaking in Colombia, Marta Rodríguez’s works, always engaged, always on the side of the people, always ready to decry, are an invaluable chronicle of our history and the history of our cinema. La Sinfónica de los Andes has a lot of this, of a memory that, 85 years down the line, neither falters nor forgets; a voice that neither wavers nor hushes. And so the film opens with shocking, un-censured archive footage of La Violencia (1948-1957), because the road that leads away from the past is the same one that guides us to the present. This particular present is in Cauca, South Colombia, where an indigenous community of Nasa attempt to comprehend why so much blood has been spilled over land that vested interests want to take from those who have owned and worked it since time immemorial. Like a symphony of voices singing in chorus, and with an orchestra of ancestral music chanted by children who call on us to remember their dead with dignity, La Sinfónica de los Andes, a film as harrowing as it is beautiful, tells the story of those who refuse to be silenced.



Marta Rodríguez

Marta Rodríguez

Marta Rodríguez, documentary pioneer in Latin America. Her 50 years of work have been focused on documenting the struggles of a diverse group of communities, creating a distinctive documentary language that has positioned her as the most recognized Colombian and Latin American documentary maker.