The Contestant


Colombia / France / 2017 / Spanish with English subtitles / 85

  • Director 

    Carlos Osuna

  • Producer: 

    Juan Mauricio Ruiz

  • Screenplay: 

    Carlos Osuna, Alejandro Quintero, Juan Mauricio Ruiz

  • Photography: 

    Rodrigo García

  • Cast: 

    Ronaldo Tejedor Simarrra, Kissinger Miranda, Elena Díaz, Rodolfo Arteaga, Braian Villa, Sunami Rodríguez, Daniel Moncada, Hans Franco, William Hurtado, Abelina Suárez



People have been queuing since daybreak on the streets of Cartagena. Why? Because today is the day to claim a free pressure cooker. All you need are 20 labels of a well-known brand of condiments. Cristóbal has been in line since early on at his mother’s behest. And queuing with him, all kinds of eccentric characters from all walks of life. If Carlos Osuna took a risk by animating his debut film, Fat, Bald, Short Man (2012), which starred well-known actors, this time he goes out on a limb again by using a 4:3 aspect ratio, making it clear that, as a director, he is interested in exploring both form and content. The contestant is an entertaining picture that employs laughter, champeta and comic costumbrismo to prompt us to reflect on the problems of poverty and inequality.


Juan Mauricio Ruiz


Carlos Osuna

Carlos Osuna

Osuna holds a Master’s in the Visual Arts from the Javeriana University and has focused on filmmaking and video art, fields in which he has excelled, earning awards in Latin America, Europe and the United States. Executive producer of Perder es cuestión de método (2004), he is president of the production company Malta Cine. In 2012, he made his debut with Gordo, calvo y bajito. His third feature film, El concursante, was selected for L’Atelier at Cannes in 2015.