The arid

Premier Mundial

  • HEAT

Argentina / 2018 / Spanish with English subtitles / 16

  • Director 

    Jorge Sesan

  • Producer: 

    Merlina Molina Castaño, Jorge Sesan

  • Screenplay: 

    Jorge Sesan

  • Photography: 

    Julián Apezteguia

  • Cast: 

    Merlina Molina Castaño, Gabriel Medina



A man and a woman set out to cross the desert of Argentina on foot. She has it all planned out down to the last detail: how long each leg of the journey will take, which route suits them best, when they will rest… Once they have taken their first step, there is no place for second-guessing. Their goal couldn’t be clearer. Ten minutes of intrigue and a surprising, barbaric denouement.


Merlina Mercedes Molina Castaño


Jorge Sesan

Jorge Sesan

He is a television and film actor and prop master. He participated on more than 50 national and international productions: Al Desierto by Ulises Rosell, La araña vampire by Gabriel Medina, De martes a martes by Gustavo Triviño, Okupas by Bruno Stagnaro, among others. In addition, he wrote and directed the short films Los Áridos (2019) and Mate al fondo (2009).