Premier Iberoamericana


olombia / Germany / 2018 / Chibcha, Spanish and German with Spanish and English subtitles / 91

  • Director 

    Alexander Hick

  • Producer: 

    Ana Lozano

  • Screenplay: 

    Alexander Hick

  • Photography: 

    Immanuel Hick

  • Cast: 

    Jwikamey Torres, Bunkey Torres, José de la Cruz Torres, Mamo Bernandino Suarez, Cornelio Suarez, Alfonso Suarez, Norma Suarez, Rogelio Mejía Izquierdo



‘I have come to film something that is about to disappear, something whose spirit orbits around us and permeates everything.’ These are roughly the words the director uses to begin his personal journey with the Arhuacos in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, an ancestral and mythical land in the Colombian Caribbean. The title of this film itself is a clear statement of its holistic perspective. Human beings extend beyond their own corporality, where they are also ecosystem, mountain, snow, trees. The Arhuacos are the guardians of this sacred place and despite the armed conflict, they resist industry, climate change, and tourism through their own cosmogony and way of relating with those who, like the director, come from the outside with a desire to immerse themselves and learn. With his off-camera voice to guide us, Alexander Hick invites us on a journey between the two opposing faces of the 21st century that live together and coexist in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.


Alexander Hick


Alexander Hick

Alexander Hick

He studied Fine Arts and Documentary Filmmaking. He is a mountain guide and cofounded Flipping the coin, a Berlin based artist collective. Scorched Water was his first feature documentary. His films and media installations successfully screened at International Film Festivals and museums around Europe.