The Far Shore

Premier Iberoamericana


Canada / 2018 / French with Spanish and English subtitles / 104 min

  • Director 

    David Uloth , Chloé Cinq-Mars

  • Producer: 

    Galilé Marion-Gauvin

  • Screenplay: 

    Chloé Cinq-Mars

  • Photography: 

    Philippe Roy

  • Cast: 

    Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, Emmanuel Schwartz, Maèva Tremblay, Éléonore Loiselle, Émilie Bierre, Réal Bossé



When André dies, his wife and two daughters withdraw into their own worlds in an effort to process their loss. Their mother has no job and no money, but does her best to give her daughters a normal, happy life, until she finds herself pushed to the limit and on the verge of a breakdown. Marine, the younger one, has not been able to come to terms with her father’s death and is still carrying around her pain. To add to her troubles, she is constantly being bullied at school. Océane, in the full throes of adolescence, is an androgynous girl who conceals her pain under a tough-girl mask of rage and non-conformism. All three appear to be hurtling toward an abysm from which there is no return. The only way they can put their pain and personal problems behind them is to pull anchor and sail together to the other shore. An incredibly poignant drama about dealing with grief at an age when life is just beginning.


Morgane Delay


David Uloth

David Uloth

David is known for his work on La Voce (2015), La Lili à Gilles (2007) and Battlefield Earth (2000).

Chloé Cinq-Mars

Chloé Cinq-Mars

Chloé has written a dozen short films and twenty episodes of fiction for television. She regularly works as a scriptwriting consultant and has also taught scriptwriting at UQAT.