• Omnivorous

Brazil / 2018 / No dialogues / 10

  • Director 

    Carlos Eduardo Nogueira

  • Producer: 

    Lara Lima


    Carlos Eduardo Nogueira

  • Photography: 

    Gabriel Barrella

  • Cast: 

    Aretha Sadick, Erika Eremenko, Raul Arthuso, Valentina Kfouri



White, smiling Brazil. The Brazil of skyscrapers where life is like a commercial. This is the Brazil that has been invaded by roaches. Everyone clings to the insecticide for dear life, unawares of what surrounds them. Aggravating the plague is another roach. Not just any roach, but the biggest of roaches. A huge and very special heroine is prepared to defeat her in a battle of the superpowers. This highly original animated film conceals a clear indictment of the media and Brazilian society.


Carlos Eduardo Nogueira


Carlos Eduardo Nogueira

Carlos Eduardo Nogueira

He is mostly dedicated to animation and mixed media projects. His short films have been screened in important festivals around the world. He´s a professor at ESPM-São Paulo, where he teaches 3D animation and cinema language. He‘s also a PhD Student at PUC São Paulo.