Premier Iberoamericana

  • Omnivorous

Singapore / 2018 / English with Spanish subtitles / 84

  • Director 

    Daniel Hui

  • Producer: 

    Tan Bee Thiam, Daniel Hui


    Daniel Hui

  • Photography: 

    Looi Wan Ping

  • Cast: 

    Yang Yanxuan, Vicki Glen, Goei Viknesh, Kobinathan Tan, Bee Thiam


  • Mar 9 - 15:00 Cine Colombia (Plaza Bocagrande) 1

  • Mar 10 - 19:15 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 6


Vicky has finally landed the part of her life, but little does she suspect the living hell that awaits her in a world where everyone is prepared to look the other way if it means getting what they want. We are in Singapore, in the movie business, but we could be in any country and any profession. Those who wield power and influence can trample on whoever they please because anything goes in this lonely, cut-throat business where it’s everyone for themselves. The use of 4:3 and recurring close-ups accentuate the feeling of oppressiveness and hopelessness every moment of this bleak psychological drama about the abuse of power and lack of scruples exudes.


Alberto Alvarez Aguilera


Daniel Hui

Daniel Hui

Filmmaker and writer. A graduate of the film program in California Institute of the Arts. His most recent feature-length work, Snakeskin (2014) has won awards at the Torino Film Festival, the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, and the Montreal International Documentary Film Festival (RIDM).