Premier Iberoamericana


Belgium - France / 2018 / French and Swahili with Spanish and English subtitles / 91

  • Director 

    Joël Karekezi

  • Producer: 

    Aurélien Bodinaux, Oualid Baha


    Joel Karekezi, Casey Schroen, Aurélien Bodinaux

  • Photography: 

    Joachim Philippe

  • Cast: 

    Marc Zinga, Stéphane Bak


  • Mar 7 - 12:00 Centro de Convenciones Julio César Turbay - Auditorio Getsemaní

  • Mar 8 - 18:45 Cine Colombia (Paseo de la Castellana) 4

  • Mar 11 - 16:00 Cine Colombia (Plaza Bocagrande) 5


In the midst of the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sergeant Xavier and rookie soldier Faustin have been separated from their group. They just met, Xavier is Rwandan and Faustin is Congolese, but they are forced to get along with each other to get through the jungle and reach a safe place. The jungle itself can be as great of a danger as the enemy, hunger, thirst, fever or hallucinations; despite all of this, however, the only option is to keep walking, always towards the west, with no time to rest, and with the enemy breathing down their necks. The cruelty of a war involving as many as nine African nations is not a subtle aspect of this story; a story about a conflict as confusing and convoluted as the pathways through the jungle; a conflict whose deaths were counted by the hundreds of thousands. Who fights with who, who is allies with who. While you may never know which side the bullets are coming from or who is doing the killing, it is always the same people who provide the dead, the same people who are capable of the most selfless acts of solidarity, and the same people who are forced to try to continue living, regardless of how many scars remain in their souls.


Morgane Delay


Joël Karekezi

Joël Karekezi

Joel Karekezi graduated in 2008 in film directing from Cinecours. In 2009 he directed his short film The Pardon. In 2013 he directed his first feature film Imbabazi: The Pardon. The Mercy of the Jungle is his second feature.