Ralph Breaks the Internet


USA / 2018 / Dubbed in Spanish / 112 min

  • Director 

    Rich moore , Phil Johnston

  • Producer: 


  • Screenplay: 

    Phil Johnston, Pamela Ribon

  • Photography: 

    Animation Nathan Warner



In this sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, our lovable giant leaves the retro world of the arcade and ventures into the frenetic one of the Internet. Having taken it upon himself to find a spare part for the favorite videogame of his bestie Vanellope—a girl who doesn’t like princesses and who dreams of being a racecar driver —, the odd pair enter cyberspace, represented on the big screen as a colorful, vibrant city that conceals obsessions and enemies. Online purchases, spam, the deep web, memes and trends… nothing escapes the sharp wit of the writers on this fun mission, but it is the world it takes place in rather than the mission itself that brings us some of the film’s best moments. Fallings out are part and parcel of every friendship and “there’s no law that says best friends have to have the same dreams”. Be sure to stay behind for the hilarious scenes after the final credits have rolled.



Rich moore

They are known for Zootopía (2016) adn Wreck-It Ralph (2012).

Phil Johnston