Perro bomba

  • Colombian Afro Cinema

/ 2019 / Haitian Creole and Spanish with Spanish and English subtitles / 90

  • Director 

    Juan Cáceres


    Juan Cáceres

  • Photography: 

    Valeria Fuentes

  • Cast: 

    Steevens Benjamin, Alfredo Castro. Junior Valcin, Blanca Lewin, Gastón Salgado, Dorian Franco


  • Mar 9 - 17:45 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 1

  • Mar 11 - 20:45 Cine Colombia (Plaza Bocagrande) 1


The first Chilean film to star a black man, Steevens is a young Haitian who has immigrated to Chile. According to his boss, “There didn’t used to be blacks in Chile. When I was a boy, you’d be taken aback to see a black person in the street. Now it’s full of blacks,” he says, as he amuses himself rubbing the hands of his workers because he has discovered “some blacks are blacker and some are whiter than others.” This double standard of those who need cheap labor, but who take advantage of their privileged position to impose their racist ways runs through the entire film, which the director himself has defined as political in content and form. The action takes place on the streets and in the slums and flows with the frankness of a documentary at times, candidly talking about racism and showing the trials and tribulations immigrants face in a predominantly white country that is alien to them and that treats them as aliens. A sincere, hard-hitting debut.



Juan Cáceres

His first feature film, Perro Bomba (2019) won 5 prizes in the 12th. Guadalajara Construye, besides taking part in the 33rd Cinéma in Construction of Cinelatino Rencontres of Toulouse, the VIII Bolivia Laboratory and obtain two awards in Viña Construye of the 50th IFF Viña del mar.

Colombian Afro Cinema