Good morning

Premier Iberoamericana


Lebanon / France / 2018 / Arabic and French with Spanish and English subtitles / 86

  • Director 

    Bahij Hojeij

  • Producer: 

    Bahij Hojeij, Sam Lahoud, De gaulle Eid


    Rachid El Daif, Bahij Hojeij

  • Photography: 

    Milad Taouk

  • Cast: 

    Gabriel Yammine, Adel Chahine, Maya Dagher, Rodrigue Sleiman


  • Mar 8 - 19:00 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 5

  • Mar 10 - 18:45 Cine Colombia (Plaza Bocagrande) 4


Every morning, a retired general in Beirut performs the same ritual. He sits at the same table in the same coffee shop doing newspaper crosswords with his inseparable friend, a doctor who is quite a bit older than him. Together they watch the spectacle of life through the window of their chosen “amphitheater” as they exercise their memory filling in words, singing songs and telling jokes to the clientele. A young journalist, also a regular at the café, and the waitress who serves them every morning, complete the cast of this routine that is repeated day in, day out. People coming and going, newspaper headlines, crossword clues that jog their increasingly fragmented memory… Life passes these two old men by as they observe, with a sharp sense of humor, their bodies deteriorate and are powerless to do anything about it. Nostalgia for the past and a profound sense of despondency toward the modern world impregnate this touching film made up of fleeting, apparently inconsequential moments; a present plagued with concerns that are but a true reflection of life itself.


Bahij Hojeij


Bahij Hojeij

Bahij Hojeij

He studied philosophy, theater and cinema. Since 1990 Bahij is a Professor of cinema at the Institute of Fine Arts (Lebanese University). He produced and directed several independent documentaries. He also produced and directed the feature films: Ring of Fire (2004) and Here comes the rain (2011).