Dry River


Colombia / 2019 / Spanish with English subtitles / 86

  • Director 

    Pedro Hernández Avellaneda

  • Producer: 

    Magnolia López Benítez


    Magnolia López, Dante Carvajal, Pedro Hernández,

  • Photography: 

    Luis Eduardo Díaz

  • Cast: 

    Maria Cristina Restrepo, Santiago Londoño, Jefferson Quiñones, Capitana


  • Mar 7 - 15:15 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 3

  • Mar 9 - 19:00 Cine Colombia (Plaza Bocagrande) 5

  • Mar 11 - 15:00 TAM


By the side of a dusty, deserted highway in the desert of Tatacoa, Colombia, Alirio and Raúl work under the blazing sun at a ranch that has been converted into a tire shop. The shop is also their home and their only company is Capitan, their dog, and a radio that never hushes. They have come here to escape the problems of a past we know nothing of and cannot even intuit. One day, Carmen, Alirio’s younger sister, turns up out of the blue, opening old wounds and creating tension. Yet her presence also stirs a newfound desire in Alirio and Raúl to do something with their lives. The arid desert is the perfect backdrop for this film, echoing as it does the sense of disconnection and emptiness these two men feel, despite their horsing around, which isn’t always as innocent as it seems. A moving film that speaks of solitude and the inability to communicate, of well-kept secrets and the lies we tell ourselves so we can carry on.



Pedro Hernández Avellaneda

Pedro Hernández Avellaneda

Audiovisual filmmaker from Bogotá. He works for the producer Gallo Dioro films, of which he is a member. Currently Premieres his first feature film Dry River.