Premier Iberoamericana

  • Official Dramatic

Colombia / Argentina / Holland / Germany / Greece / 2016 / 107

  • Director 

    Felipe Guerrero

  • Producer: 

    Gema Juárez Allen, Felipe Guerrero

  • Screenplay: 

    Felipe Guerrero

  • Photography: 

    Fernando Lockett

  • Cast: 

    Marleyda Soto, Luisa Vides, Jocelyn Meneses



Of the plethora of films on the armed conflict in Colombia, none has focused so resolutely on the primary battlefield where every war takes place—the bodies of its protagonists. In Oscuro animal, three women are forced to abandon their homes and begin a new life elsewhere. This is Felipe Guerrero’s first fictional feature in which the substance of film, the sounds and images the director is so obsessed with, are used to document the substance of life itself; bodies that tremble with fear at the prospect of imminent violence, rejection and repulsion, sexuality and the need for survival, solidarity... Dialogue is sparse, with body language and facial expressions serving as more effective vehicles for conveying the emergence of hope in the face of the dark animal of war that has taken up residence in the collective unconscious and permeated the social fabric of an entire country.


Gema Juárez Allen, gema@gemafilms.com


Felipe Guerrero

Felipe Guerrero

Director, editor and producer, Guerrero studied Film and Photography at the Unitec Film School in Bogota. Four years later, he took a diploma in Film Editing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. Some of the films he has worked on as an editor -his current profession of choice- include El vuelco del cangrejo (2010), El Páramo (2011), La Playa D.C. (2012) and 327 cuadernos (2015). He also directed the documentaries Paraíso (2006) and Corta (2012), and the short film Nelsa (2014).