/ 2018 / Portuguese and English with Spanish and English subtitles / 106

  • Director 

    Marco del Fiol

  • Producer: 

    Minom Pinho, Jasmin Pinho, Marco Del Fiol

  • Screenplay: 

    Marco Del Fiol, Tali Yankelevich

  • Photography: 

    Marco Del Fiol

  • Cast: 

    Mario Cravo Neto, Mario Cravo Junior, Christian Cravo



Christian Cravo is a young Brazilian photographer that comes from a family of photographers and artists. Because, as the saying goes, the best photo is that which has not been taken, Cravo is on a constant search to leave Bahía and is “forced” to do so after his father dies. Bahía is a place that has been a source of inspiration and work for his grandfather and his father. This documentary takes us to Africa, where Cravo is followed for four years during long periods of observing wildlife, and speaking with the people he is with or that he meets along the way. Each picture he takes is one more step forward on his path of discovery and transformation. A film about art and family, relationships and pain that leaves a tremendous visual impact.


Carolina Trevisan


 Marco del Fiol

Marco del Fiol

Marco Del Fiol shoots around the world and edits in his garage. He is a filmmaker interested on contemporary art. In the last years he made works about some of the main living artists in the world like Olafur Eliasson, Marina Abramovic, Isaac Julien, Marepe and Song Dong.