Alone at My Wedding

  • Migration and Miscegenation

Belgium / 2018 / Romanian and Frenchi with Spanish and English subtitles / 121

  • Director 

    Marta Bergman

  • Producer: 

    Jean-Yves Roubin, Cassandre Warnauts


    Marta Bergman, Laurent Brandenbourger, Boris Lojkine, Katell Quillévéré

  • Photography: 

    Jonathan Ricquebourg

  • Cast: 

    Alina Ioana Serban, Tom Vermeir, Jonas Bloquet, Mitika Samu, Marie Denarnaud,Johan Leysen, Karin Tanghe


  • Mar 9 - 14:45 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 1

  • Mar 10 - 18:15 Cine Colombia (Plaza Bocagrande) 2


Pamela is a young gypsy that lives in a small town in Romania with her daughter and her grandmother. In the midst of her hard life, she dreams about a man that can lift her out of poverty and a world in which perspectives don’t seem to exist. As a result, she pays a visit to a marriage agency. It doesn’t take her long to meet a Belgian man, who she clings to as her salvation. Without a doubt, she could live a more comfortable life by his side, but the question is – would it be a better life? Pamela’s energy and spontaneity, while not without a certain innocence, dominate this moving film that speaks to us about dreams and loneliness, social and cultural differences, and of the price of our dreams.



Marta Bergman

Marta Bergman

Director and screenwriter. As a documentary filmmaker she has directed films like Clejani, Heureux Séjour and Un jour mon prince viendra. Alone at my wedding, is his first film.

Migration and Miscegenation