Brazil / 2018 / Portuguese and Guarani with Spanish and English subtitles / 80 min

  • Director 

    Vinicius Toro

  • Producer: 

    Rodrigo Grilo

  • Screenplay: 

    Vinicius Toro

  • Photography: 

    Cris Lyra

  • Cast: 

    Monique Ramos Ara Poty Mattos, Samara Ramos Ara Poty Mattos, Lucas Augusto Martim



The difference between reality and fiction is a fine line that has captured the attention of many filmmakers. Usually, what is real or not, is not clear to the viewer in these films, as their true purpose is often the game of decoding their message. While this is not necessarily the case for Para'í, it does introduce fiction in a context that is real (real locations, real situations and real people...) through the imaginary conflict of a Guarani girl who begins to question her identity, her language, her culture and her race, etc. This is a girl who has the same fascination for the rich polychromy of corn seeds as she does for technology, pushing us to think about the need to understand who we are in order to devise our own path. Featuring a generation of cultural recovery that is much closer to their grandparents than to their parents, Para'í is an invitation to explore your roots and values.




Vinicius Toro

Vinicius Toro

He majored in Audio Visual Communications at USP. He developed his final paper on the direction of child actors, what resulted in the movies Weekend Dad and How Far. He worked and lived the last couple of years among Guarani villages, in projects that culminated in fiction film Para’í.