• Omnivorous

Spain / 2018 / Euskera with Spanish and English subtitles / 13

  • Director 

    Pello Gutiérrez

  • Producer: 

    Iñaki Sagastume, Pello Gutierrez, David Aguilar


    Pello Gutierrez

  • Photography: 

    David Aguilar

  • Cast: 

    Javier Barandiaran Ainhoa Alberdi



Javier is the vocalist of an antiquated band. His life is a sad and tedious repetition of depressing songs and performances at a semi-deserted nursing home. One night after giving a concert, Ainhoa appears and tells him she needs a singer for her performance. Could this be Javier’s big break or maybe he should stay loyal to the devil he knows…? Routine and resignation rear their heads in this Basque short that has its own distinct brand of humor.



Pello Gutiérrez

Pello Gutiérrez

Along with David Aguilar, Pello Gutiérrez was founder of the production company Zazpi t‘erdi, in which they have been working in the fields of non-fiction and borderline genres since 2007. A number of the works they have produced (Nao Yik, Mara mara, Converso, etc.) have received important international awards.