Another day of life


Spain / Poland / Belgium / Germany / Hungary / 2018 / English, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish with Spanish and English subtitles / 88 min

  • Director 

    Raul De La Fuente , Damian Nenow

  • Producer: 

    Jarosław Sawko, Amaia Remirez, Ole Wendorff-Østergaard, Stefan Schubert, Eric Goossens

  • Screenplay: 

    Raul de la Fuente, Amaia Remirez, David Weber, Niall Johnson, Damian Nenow

  • Photography: 

    Raul De La Fuente, Gorka Gómez Andreu



Polish author and journalist Ryszard Kapuściński (1932-2007) was a war correspondent par excellence. Always ready to put his own life on the line to bring readers stories about people they would never even have known existed had they not passed in front of his “lens”, he gave a voice to the voiceless. Another Day of Life is an adaptation of his book by the same title on Angola’s battle for independence that began in 1975, submerging the country in a long and cruel civil war. Digital animation interspersed with fragments of documentary footage show a reporter prepared to do whatever it takes to get his story while a state of bloody confusion reigns all around him, a way of life Angolans would have to get used to for more than two decades. Although the film extols Kapuściński, by the same token it invites us to reflect on the role of the war correspondent and journalist in general. Visually stunning, gut-wrenching and exciting, Another Day is completely different to the Spanish cinema we’re used to.



Raul De La Fuente

De la Fuente´s short  documentary Minerita won the Goya in 2014, among many other awards. His first feature film, Nömadak TX, premiered in 2006 at the San Sebastian International Festival and was the most internationally awarded Spanish documentary in 2007.

Damian Nenow

Nenow is a specialist in various fields relating to computer graphics and the author of short animated films, illustrations and concept art.