The State Against Mandela and the Others


France / 2018 / English with Spanish subtitles / 105

  • Director 

    Nicolas Champeaux , Gilles Porte

  • Screenplay: 

    Nicolas Champeaux, Gilles Porte

  • Photography: 

    Gilles Porte

  • Cast: 

    Denis Goldberg, Ahmed Kathrada,  Winnie Mandela



South Africa. 1964. Nelson Mandela and 8 comrades are sentenced to life imprisonment after a trial where there were no cameras. However, the recordings collected during the long sessions served as witnesses to what happened. 256 hours of material that, after being digitalized and after a thorough selection of testimonies and speeches – in a time of walls and racism – are incredibly relevant to us today. The rest of the narrative’s strength is due to the dramatic use of black and white 2D animation of what must have been seen and experienced on the judicial premises. An overwhelming production supported by testimonies of the survivors, including Mandela’s wife, and their reactions after hearing what had happened during those days. Although many documentaries have been made about the apartheid, this one is paramount – no less powerful and no less relevant.



Nicolas Champeaux

Nicolas Champeaux

Nicolas is a reporter for Radio France Internationale (RFI) specializes in the Africa service dealing. He is in charge of the daily news Today in France as well as Network Europe.

Gilles Porte

Gilles Porte

Gilles Porte is a director, screenwriter, cinematographer, and assistant cameraman.