Planet Factory

  • Omnivorous

Brazil / 2018 / No dialogues / 11

  • Director 

    Julia Zakia

  • Producer: 

    Milana Rakica, Julia Zakia

  • Photography: 

    Adrian Cooper, Pepe Mendes, Julia Zakia


  • Mar 10 - 13:00 Cine Colombia (Plaza Bocagrande) 5


The machines of a hat factory grind to a halt after 100 years. Metal, brick and sweat. The perfect coupling between man and machine or the creation of the man-machine. The empty corridors and halls wait to be demolished while a different, very peculiar class of life takes over the premises. Without the need for words, Planeta fábrica composes an industrial poem of sorts that invites us to reflect on change and the ephemeral.



Julia Zakia

Julia Zakia

As a director her first film was Fig tree's story (2007), followed by Tarabatara (2008), Rough Stone (2009) and Gypsy River (2014) taken part in many festivals, such as Berlinale, Rotterdam, Havana, Toulouse, Asiana, Guadalajara or Clermont-Ferrand.