The Darkest Sea

  • Shortizone

Colombia / 2018 / Spanish with English subtitles / 15

  • Director 

    Sara Nanclares

  • Producer: 

    Daniela López, Mario Quintero


    Sara Nanclares

  • Photography: 

    Mario Quintero, Javier Monsalve

  • Cast: 

    Hernán Méndez, Alexander Sánchez, Jeannette Parada, Hibened Carreño, Paula Bedoya, Felipe Giraldo



Fishermen are disappearing from a small coastal town in Colombia. One of the missing is Antonio’s brother. Convinced that the sea is exacting revenge for everything that has been taken from it, Antonio fears for his life if he goes out fishing again, but he has no choice: fishing is his only way of making a living, especially now that he has to support his brother’s wife and children into the bargain. Is it nature that is claiming retribution? A moving story about one of the most regrettable chapters of our recent history.



Sara Nanclares

Sara Nanclares

She is a screenwriter and director. She has a bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication and a Masters in Directing Film and Television from Bournemouth University. Since 2012 she has completed a wide catalogue of audio-visual projects amongst fiction short films, documentaries and music videos that have won national and international grants.