• People that Make Films and what Films Make of People

Italy / 2019 / Italian with Spanish and English subtitles / 96

  • Director 

    Beniamino Barrese

  • Producer: 

    Filippo Macelloni


    Beniamino Barrese

  • Photography: 

    Beniamino Barrese

  • Cast: 

    Benedetta Barzini, Beniamino Barrese


  • Mar 8 - 15:15 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 1

  • Mar 9 - 18:45 Cine Colombia (Plaza Bocagrande) 4


Benedetta Barzini was an Italian supermodel who posed for some of the world’s top photographers in her time. A left-wing militant and feminist, she is now a university lecturer who calls on her students to question the concepts of beauty, youth and the power of the image. Her son Ben is obsessed with her and decides to film her at a time when she admits to being more inclined to disappear than to put in an appearance. Benedetta’s undeniable strength, her surly character and her inquisitive nature dominate a film that becomes a game of tug of war between what she gives of herself when she is in a cooperative frame of mind and how she feels when her son films her against her will. Benedetta likes to fantasize about a world in which the intangible is more important than the photos we post every minute. Fashion, models, youth, death, capitalism… These and many more themes surface in this extraordinary documentary that leaves us with the sensation we will never know which facet of this wonderfully lucid and combative woman is real and which is feigned for the camera, even though she has consented to play the part.


Filippo Macelloni


Beniamino Barrese

Since 2011 he has been working as a filmmaker, director of photography and photographer. His work as a DP includes fiction and documentary features, commercials, fashion films, music promos and short films, which have travelled around festivals worldwide. The Disappearance of My Mother is his first feature-length film as a director.

People that Make Films and what Films Make of People