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The Lebanon / Germany / Syria / Qatar / United Arab Emirates / 2017 / Arabic with Spanish subtitles / 84

  • Director 

    Ziad Kalthoum

  • Producer: 

    Jana Wehbe, Feas Alomare


    Ziad Kalthoum, Ansgar Frerich, Talal Khoury

  • Photography: 

    Talal Khoury


  • Mar 1 - 11:00 Casa 1537 Sala 1

  • Mar 4 - 18:00 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 5


The Lebanon was razed to the ground by decades of civil war that lasted until the early Nineties and it was Israelis and Syrians who provided weapons and troops to help destroy it. Now, ironically, Beirut is being rebuilt by Syrian laborers fleeing the ravages of war in their own country. Featuring spectacular photography, a respectfully distant, contemplative, but grandiloquent camera bears witness as these anonymous laborers recall what they have left behind, uncertain what the future holds for them. Human beings, alive and alone, buried in cement, holding their heads high, almost heroically, sustained by memories and the story of one of them told off-camera. Taste of Cementis not a tear-jerker, nor does it resort to sensationalism; it is simply a hard-hitting story with a message of hope.



Ziad Kalthoum

Ziad Kalthoum

Ziad Kalthoum’s directorial debut, Oh My Heart (2009), the first film to address the subject of Syrian Kurds, was censured in his homeland. After filming his second feature, The Immortal Sergeant (2012), he deserted the Syrian army and settled in The Lebanon.

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