• Brazilian Cinema

Brazil / 2018 / Portuguese with Spanish and English subtitles / 102 min

  • Director 

    Tulio Viaro

  • Producer: 

    Tulio Viaro


    Tulio Viaro

  • Photography: 

    Elisandro Dalcin

  • Cast: 

    Duda Paiva, André Mello, Abmael Henrique


  • Mar 7 - 20:45 Cine Colombia (Paseo de la Castellana) 4

  • Mar 8 - 15:00 Cine Colombia (Plaza Bocagrande) 2

  • Mar 9 - 18:15 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 4


In a remote town in Brazil, as small as it is devoted, the town priest spends his days giving sermons on the fear of god, sins and hell, and listening to the anodyne confessions of the faithful. One day, everything changes when a parishioner comes to him with what can be none other than devil horns growing from his forehead. Calling on the priest for help, who at first refuses to come to his aid, is what marks the beginning of the adventures of this irreverent, puppet-animated film. The puppets’ surprising expressive capacity – reinforced by the chiaroscuro of the film’s cinematography, meticulous artwork, and the black shadows of those who handle the puppets on stage – add to the dark and decidedly satirical tone of a film that is a critique of religious fanaticism. Good and evil, hell and heaven, light and darkness, god and devil: these dualities are called into question through the story of a poor devil who declares he is tired of doing evil.


Tulio Viaro


Tulio Viaro

Tulio Viaro

He has written and directed about ten films among short fiction and documentaries. The film ”The Blessed ” is the director‘s first feature film , which he also wrote the script.

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