The Image You Missed


Ireland / France / 2018 / English and French with Spanish and English subtitles / 73

  • Director 

    Donal Foreman

  • Producer: 

    Donal Foreman

  • Screenplay: 

    Donal Foreman

  • Photography: 

    Donal Foreman, Arthur MacCaig, Seán Brennan

  • Cast: 

    Arthur MacCaig, Donal Foreman, Ernest Larsen, Maeve Foreman



The sixties and seventies. An era of political revolutions and fights. Rebellion, youth in movement… And constant criticism when militancy implied the abandonment of family life, as it often did. The recognized documentary filmmaker Arthur MacCaig spent many years documenting the conflict in Ireland from the IRA’s point of view. His commitment to the narrative and the magnitude of his journalistic work are unquestionable. The price was what was lost as a father. Thus, Donal Foreman assumes that this film is like an interpellation that intertwines past and present images. One can see rage and questioning in the search undertaken by his son 40 years later, but also admiration. The film is full of some extraordinary images, images from MacCaig himself, and yet there is even more questioning about the fights in the world today and the “boring” causes that move us. However, in the center of everything, always, is the power of the image, when the image is condemnation itself and the weapon used to fight with.



Donal Foreman

Donal Foreman

He is an Irish filmmaker living in New York City. He has been making films since he was 11 years old. Since then, he has written, directed and edited two features and dozens of shorts and presented his work at many festivals including Rotterdam, the Viennale and CPH:DOX.