• Omnivorous

Colombia / 2019 / Spanish with English subtitles / 19

  • Director 

    Sergio Barón

  • Producer: 

    Juan Sebastián Díaz


    Sergio Barón

  • Cast: 

    Blanca Díaz


  • Mar 7 - 16:15 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 6


There are some images that appear to be universally understood, whether by force of repetition or because they are so conventional: the waves, footprints disappearing into the distance, sunset as an ending of a story… Sergio Barón has filled his wall with 135,072 photograms—his own other people’s—in an attempt to reinterpret and rethink what images tell or don’t tell us, and the intention behind them. The case of Blanca Díaz, whose daughter Irina was forcibly disappeared, is the subject of this essay on filmmaking and the powerful language of images and production.


Juan Sebastián Díaz


Sergio Barón

Sergio Barón

After directing several short films, he is currently developing his feature film Cenizas. Diálogos de la ceniza, a documentary short film project, was chosen in the Short Film Station of the Berlinale Talents 2019 program. Since 2014, he has worked as creative director in the production company Encarrete.