• Special Programs

Spain / 2007 / Spanish with English subtitles / 135

  • Director 

    Jaime Rosales

  • Producer: 

    Ricard Figueras, José María Morales, Jaime Rosales


    Jaime Rosales, Enric Rufas

  • Photography: 

    Óscar Durán

  • Cast: 

    Sonia Almarcha, Petra Martínez, Miriam Correa, Nuria Mencía, María Bazán



The succinct, but telling title of this film offers an idea of the immense metaphysical void surrounding two women whose paths barely cross in this melancholic study on the fragility of life. The recently divorced Adela moves to Madrid with her one-year- old son, only to have her life in the city shattered by the indiscriminate violence of terrorism. Meanwhile, Antonia, who owns a local supermarket, is disillusioned with life: one of her daughters has cancer and her relationship with the other two is tense—the elder one wants her to sell her apartment and buy a summer home.Rosales is perhaps the Spanish director most influenced by Japan’s Yasujirô Ozu, in terms of both the sensibility and intimacy of his narrative and his characteristicallrigorous mise-en- scenes. Solitary Fragments, his most polished film to date, takes this style to new terrains using a technique little explored in cinema—the split screen (polyvision)—which allows him to maintain a subtle play between desolate, empty spaces and characters who futilely try to relate to one another.



Jaime Rosales

Jaime Rosales

A graduate of the EICTV film school in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba, Rosales is one of the Spanish directors most solidly rooted in the European auteur tradition. He directed the feature films Las horas del día (2004, FIPRESCI Prize at Cannes Directors’Fortnight), La soledad (2007, which won dozens of international awards, including a Goya for Best Picture) and Hermosa Juventud (2014). Director of the Goya-winning La soledad (2007), Las horas del día (2003), which won the FIPRESCI Prize at Cannes’ Directors’ Fortnight, Tiro en la cabeza (2008) and Sueño y silencio (2012), Rosales studied at the San Antonio de los Baños International Film and Television School in Cuba and the Australian Film Television and Radio School Broadcasting Entertainment in Sydney, Australia.