Long Day’s Journey Into Night


China / 2018 / Mandarin with Spanish and English subtitles / 140

  • Director 

    Bi Gan


    Bi Gan

  • Photography: 

    Dong Jinsong, Yao Hung-I, David Chizallet

  • Cast: 

    Tang Wei, Sylvia Chang, Lee Hong-Chi, Zeng Meihuizi, Huang Jue


  • Mar 8 - 21:00 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 3

  • Mar 11 - 18:30 Cine Colombia (Plaza Bocagrande) 5


Reality, memories and dreams are the three facets of life that Luo Hongwu experiences when he returns to Kaili, his hometown that he left several years ago, obsessed with finding the love of his life. His hypnotic off-camera voice takes us through phantasmagorical scenes and places. The beauty of their aesthetics is clearly the work of Bi Gan, one of the most interesting and self-revealing Asian directors of his time. His fleeting use of 3D, the fact that the film’s title appears only after an hour of footage (dividing the film into two), and a long take that lasts nearly an hour are all underpinnings of the notion that when it comes to cinematography, form is just as important, if not more important, as content. This is what makes this film a complete sensory experience, one that hides a love story in between the lines film noir and drama. Shocking and daringly different. A nighttime journey where the surreal and the real, and space and time, become intertwined in a dance, leaving us with a magical experience.



Bi Gan

Bi Gan

Director, Screenwriter, Poet, and Photographer. His first feature, Kaili Blues (2015), won the Locarno Film Festival’s Best Emerging Director award and a Special Mention for First Feature.