Listening and Watching I Learned

  • Colombian Afro Cinema

Colombia / 2017 / Spanish with English subtitles / 22

  • Director 

    Leidy Marcela González Goyeneche

  • Producer: 

    Rosa Ilia Mosquera Perea

  • Photography: 

    Leidy Marcela González Goyeneche



In Medio Baudó, in Colombia’s Chocó region, the youngest collect oral accounts from the elders telling them of the founding of their towns, of the origin of names like Pie de Pepé, of the reason behind their celebrations, of trades like that of the barequera women who pan for gold in the waters of the river. In this interesting documentary, listening and seeing are the way to obtain knowledge and strengthen identity.


Leidy Marcela González Goyeneche


Leidy Marcela González Goyeneche

She is a community audiovisual producer, researcher and sociocultural manager. Politologist of the National University of Colombia interested in reflecting in its productions the social and cultural reality of the country.

Colombian Afro Cinema