Days of the Whale

Premier Iberoamericana


Colombia / 2019 / Spanish with English subtitles / 80

  • Director 

    Catalina Arroyave

  • Producer: 

    Jaime Guerrero Naudin, Natalia Agudelo Campiño, Nicolás Herreño Leal


    Catalina Arroyave Restrepo

  • Photography: 

    David Correa Franco

  • Cast: 

    Laura Tobón Ochoa, David Escallón Orrego, Carlos Fonnegra, Julián Giraldo, Christian Tappan, Natalia Castaño, Ana Vélez, Margarita Restrepo


  • Mar 8 - 21:00 TAM

  • Mar 8 - 21:00 TAM

  • Mar 9 - 15:30 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 3

  • Mar 10 - 18:00 Cine Colombia (Plaza Bocagrande) 1


On the streets of Medellín, culture and the struggle to claim territory try to coexist as much as possible. Cris, a girl from one of the city's most privileged neighborhoods, often visits a peripheral neighborhood. Together with Simón, have a passion: graffiti. While vacunas (extortion payments) and the control for territory threaten to restrict their expressive freedom, they feel protected from all of this until the painting of a whale begins to get them into serious problems. Catalina Arroyave’s debut feature is a fresh and dynamic film that tells a love story of two young people from different walks of life who are driven by the same passion. While Medellín is a city they love, it seems to be fixated on creating significant barriers to achieving their dreams.



Catalina Arroyave

Catalina Arroyave