Journey to a Mother‘s Room


Spain / France / 2018 / Spanish with English subtitles / 94 min

  • Director 

    Celia Rico Clavellino

  • Producer: 

    Josep Amorols, Ibon Cormenzana

  • Screenplay: 

    Celia Rico Clavellino

  • Photography: 

    Santiago Racaj

  • Cast: 

    Lola Dueñas, Anna Castillo, Pedro Casablanc, Susana Abaitua, Marisol Membrillo, Adelfa Calvo, Ana Mena, Maica Barroso, Noemi Hopper, Silvia Casanova



Leonor’s father has just died, and she feels torn between the fear of continuing to follow her dreams – as she knows this will hurt her mother’s already damaged soul – and the fear of being stuck in a town without a future. This is how simple and complex family relationships can be, even those we know to be the strongest. With her debut feature, Celia Rico masterfully develops a series of moments dominated by the fear of saying the thing we know will hurt another. The fragments of two lives portrayed with the perfect atmosphere of intimacy and discomfort deconstruct a feeling as inevitable as sadness while trying to cope with the need to keep living. The dose of sincerity that allows the rest of the film to flow is masterfully given by Lola Dueñas who plays Estrella: the epitome of sadness. The youthful Anna Castilllo, as Leonor, who accompanies Estrella in this journey, is also an enriching fold in this story. Without a doubt, some movies are made by the actors that star in them. This film is one of them, and is giant in the form of a gem.


Juliette Antoine


Celia Rico Clavellino

Celia Rico Clavellino

As a writer and director, her career debuted with the award-winning short film Luisa is not home (2012). Celia has worked as a First Assistant Director and Second Unit Director of Claudia Llosa’s latest film, Aloft (2014). She currently teaches Film Directing at ESCAC (Barcelona).