Premier Mundial

  • Short Wave

Colombia / 2019 / Spanish with English subtitles / 15

  • Director 

    Juan David Mejía

  • Producer: 

    Jair Pérez Guerra, Juan David Mejía


    Juan David Mejía

  • Photography: 

    Liberman Arango

  • Cast: 

    Sebastián Soto Vanegas, Alejandro Mercado


  • Mar 9 - 12:30 Cine Colombia (Paseo de la Castellana) 3


Young Yeison lives all on his own in a simple country dwelling.  He is so isolated from the rest of humanity he must hunt to survive. One day a man turns up and Yeison hides. Finding no one home, the man takes up residence. But what is Yeison afraid of? Why does he live alone? When the ghosts are made of flesh and blood, there is reason to doubt and flee from other humans.


 Juan David Mejía


Juan David Mejía

Juan David Mejía

Professional in Audiovisual Communication. Director, scriptwriter and teacher.  Selected in the Talents Buenos Aires and several international workshops. Founder and director of the Festival Internacional Cine en la Isla FECISLA and co-founder of the Colectivo K-minantes.

Short Wave