Germany / Syria / Lebanon / 2017 / OF FATHERS AND SONS / 98

  • Director 

    Talal Derki

  • Producer: 

    Ansgar Frerich, Eva Kemme, Tobias Siebert, Hans Robert Eisenhauer

  • Photography: 

    Kahtan Hasson



To get firsthand evidence of what the jihadists are doing to Syria, Talal Derki passes himself off as a war photographer sympathetic to their cause and returns to the land of his birth. He spends several months living with Abu Sama, filming him and his sons. Omar is a loving father, but he is also a radical fundamentalist who inculcates his faith in his sons (there are no women in this documentary because there are none in his world). His children play at making bombs or kill birds in imitation of their father, whom they have witnessed slit the throat of more than one unbeliever. But we don’t need to see a single drop of blood to feel the heart-wrenching banalization of evil in this film that portrays the disturbing reality that is the fate of so many Syrian children today. It is with a heavy heart that spectators will come away from Of Fathers and Sons.



Talal Derki

Talal Derki

He is based in Berlin since 2014. He worked as an assistant director for many feature film and was a director for different Arab TV programs (2009 – 2011). Furthermore, he worked as a freelance cameraman for CNN and Thomson & Reuters. His feature documentary Return to Homs (2014) won at Sundance Film Festival’s World Cinema Grand Jury Prize.