Le plaète sauvage / Fantastic Planet


France / Czechoslovakia / 1973 / French and Czech with Spanish and English subtitles / 73

  • Director 

    René Laloux

  • Producer: 

    René Laloux, Roland Topor, Stefan Wul, Alain Goraguer, Dick Elliott

  • Screenplay: 

    René Laloux, Roland Topor

  • Photography: 

    Dick Elliott



Based on the novel Oms en série by the French author Stefan Wul, Le planète sauvage is a classic of French animation that won the Special Jury Prize at Cannes in 1973. The action takes place on the planet of the Draags, where giant blue entities keep humans as pets. With an aesthetic that oscillates between the surreal and the psychedelic, this science-fiction film has no call for special effects or sensationalism. Superior races, the need to learn to live together in harmony and the impulse to destroy are its core themes and although more than 40 years have passed since its release, this is a film that remains fresh and that continues to surprise even today.



René Laloux

René Laloux

He was an animator whose extraordinarily fertile imagination fuelled a small but unique body of work that still attracts the attention of science-fiction and animation cinema fans worldwide. He was a writer and director: Les maîtres du temps (1982) and Les escargots (1966).