Premier Iberoamericana


/ 2019 / Wayuunaiki and Spanish with Spanish and English subtitles / 75

  • Director 

    Juan Pablo Polanco , César Alejandro Jaimes

  • Producer: 

    Julián Quintero

  • Screenplay: 

    César Jaimes, Juan Pablo Polanco, Canela Reyes

  • Photography: 

    Angello Faccini

  • Cast: 

    Doris González Jusayu Carmen González Jusayu



An estimated 400,000 Wayuu people live in Colombia and Venezuela. Without passports and with no heed for political borders, the ancestral land of the Wayuu people reaches throughout the Guajira Peninsula. Located on this peninsula is Cabo de la Vela (or Jepirra), a sacred place where the souls of the Wayuu are laid to rest; their remains are transferred there in an event that is essential to how they understand life and death: a second burial. Lapü is a film that focuses on this ritual. Doris has a dream. Because she doesn’t know how to interpret it, her family helps her understand that it is about her cousin who died several years ago who is asking for her remains to be exhumed and buried again. The long journey that must begin at the family cemetery in Alta Guajira is also a passage of catharsis and self-knowledge that will make Doris connect with the innermost spirit of her Wayuu roots through her own cousin’s memories.


Los Niños Films:


Juan Pablo Polanco

Juan Pablo Polanco

César Alejandro Jaimes

César Alejandro Jaimes

Ther are co-founder of Los Niños Films. Cesar Alejandro forged a close relationship with analog photography and skateboarding. Juan Pablo has participated in documentary projects as cameraman, editor and assistant director. He studied film direction at ECAM school in Madrid.