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USA / 2011 / English with Spanish subtitles / 125 min

  • Director 

    Jeff Nichols

  • Producer: 

    Sophia Lin, Tyler Davidson


    Jeff Nichols

  • Photography: 

    Adam Stone

  • Cast: 

    Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain, Katy Mixon, Shea Whigham, Kathy Baker


  • Mar 9 - 21:00 TAM

  • Mar 11 - 18:00 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 1


This award-winning film by Jeff Nichols provides Michael Shannon with the perfect scaffolding for yet another gripping performance, this time as a man who is dragged to the depths of hell, although he isn’t sure if what he is experiencing are premonitions, nightmares or the onset of schizophrenia. Curtis is a tradesman who lives a modest, but satisfying life. He spends his meager wage on treatments for his deaf daughter, who he would do anything for. But all this changes when, convinced a deadly tornado is coming, he pours all his savings into building a bunker. But is the threat real? Is he some kind of prophet? Or is it all in his head? The ambiguous terrain the film moves on lends it its special character, midway between a drama, horror and psychological thriller. Nichols himself has said on more than one occasion that he got his inspiration from the desperation and anguish people experience in times of economic crisis.



Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols

After directing Shotgun Stories (2007), Nichols moved into larger independent productions with 2011's Take Shelter. Mud (2012), competed for the Palme d'Or at Cannes. In 2012, Nichols acted as President of the Jury of the Rome Film Festival. Another films: Midnight Special and Loving (2016) In 2018 he directed the short film, Long Way Back Home.