Divine Melodies

  • Colombian Afro Cinema

Colombia / 2019 / Spanish with English subtitles / 33

  • Director 

    Lucas Silva


    Lucas Silva

  • Photography: 

    Emanuel Rojas, Nicolás Ordoñez

  • Cast: 

    Francisco Torres, Evaristo Lerma, Viviana Obregon



Born of the bones of a dead man, it is the goblin that lives in the hills who teaches the secrets of the marimba. This short fictional film sails us down the waters of the Guapi in El Chocó to the pulse of its own particular melody comprised of songs and sayings. The construction of a chonta wood marimba sparks a series of visions in Pacho Torres, imagined recollections of a time of abundance that seems all too distant today, but whose memory is alive and chanting. A beautiful homage to the traditional music and divine wisdom of the men of El Chocó.



Lucas Silva

In 1998 he made the film Los criollos reyes de la champeta, one of the first documentaries about the champeta. Another films: Los Hijos de Benkos (2000) and Los Hijos del Trueno (2001) with Marta Rodríguez. In 2008 he made the documentary Alabaos, Gualies and Tumbas. Divinas melodías is his first fiction film.

Colombian Afro Cinema