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Canada / 2018 / France and English with Spanish and English subtitles / 130 min

  • Director 

    Philippe Lesage

  • Producer: 

    Galilé Marion-Gauvin


    Philippe Lesage

  • Photography: 

    Nicolas Canniccioni

  • Cast: 

    Théodore Pellerin, Noée Abita, Brett Dier, Mylène MacKay, Marc Beaupré,Pier-Luc Funk, Édouard Tremblay-Grenier, Paul Ahmarani, Rose-Marie Perreault


  • Mar 7 - 9:45 TAM

  • Mar 8 - 21:15 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 4

  • Mar 9 - 21:00 Cine Colombia (Paseo de la Castellana) 4


Everything is intense. Anything is possible. This is adolescence. As the teen years set in, the testosterone begins to flow in the male boarding school Guillaume attends. A smart boy, he likes playing pranks and is very extroverted. His sister Charlotte is around the same age and is already experiencing the ups and downs of her first real romantic relationship. Parties, alcohol, friends, books, sports… all potential paths to self-discovery. Génesis is born of this sexual awakening that makes already complex emotions even more complicated and unfathomable; emotions the film explores in an intelligent, sensitive way, balanced out with music and some lighter moments. An intense drama, full of friends and solitude, pain and laughter, rage and serenity, words and silences, much like adolescence itself.


Karlijn Copman


Philippe Lesage

Philippe Lesage

He began his career as a documentary filmmaker, directing four noted features, including The Heart that Beats (2010). His debut fiction feature, The Demons (2015), has been invited to more than 60 international festivals and was included in the TIFF Top Ten, and was named one of the top ten films of 2015 by Variety.

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