• Official Documentary

Brazil / 2017 / Portuguese and Piripkura with Spanish and English subtitles / 82 min.

  • Director 

    Mariana Oliva , Renata Terra , Bruno Jorge

  • Producer: 

    Mariana Oliva, Rodolfo Frederic Paes Junior

  • Screenplay: 

    Renata Terra, Mariana Oliva

  • Photography: 

    Bruno Jorge, Dado Carlín

  • Cast: 

    Rita Tupi Kawahib, Pakyî, Tamandua, Jair Candor



Time and space are running out for the Piripkura. There is no place for them in the Western world of the 21st century. White man never made as much as an effort to understand them. Up until not so long ago, you could kill them without consequence, like you would a wild animal, a worthless nuisance that was an obstacle to progress. And so they were hunted down, killed in droves almost to the point of extinction. Now there are just two, the last two in the vastness of the Amazon rainforest: Pakyî and Tamandua, the Piripkura. But there is one man, a modern-day Don Quixote, assisted by a handful of squires, who is prepared to stand up to capitalist interests spearheaded by logging companies as they slowly deforest the Amazon. That solitary, windmill-fighting man is Jair Candor. Since he first made contact with the Piripkura in 1989, Jair has made three expeditions to find them and prove to the world that they are still alive, because this is the only way to ensure the laws protecting their territory and that keep them relatively safe remain in place. Jair will brave inclement weather, the dangers of the jungle and his own age as he sets out on a another epic journey knowing that it might be a lost cause, knowing that the Piripkura might not have survived, knowing that finding two men in the depths of the Amazon forest is harder than finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Jair is old, but hardy of spirit with unshakeable altruism and faith in man. And with weapons like these, the battle is half won. 

Human Right prize at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and best film at Festival do Rio 2017




Mariana Oliva

Mariana Oliva


Mariana Oliva is a producer and documentary filmmaker. She worked as a coordinator of co-productions and special projects for the TAL network and is currently training and marketing coordinator to DOCSP and international consultant to DocMontevideo.

Renata Terra

Renata Terra

Bruno Jorge

Bruno Jorge

Bruno Jorge has directed over 15 films, the most recent of which is PATHOS or Something is Just Happening (2018).