Premier Iberoamericana


Latvia / Lithuania / Estonia / 2018 / Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian with Spanish and English subtitles / 78

  • Director 

    Krïstine Briede , Audrius Stonys

  • Producer: 

    Uldis Cekulis

  • Screenplay: 

    Kristīne Briede, Ramune Rakauskaite, Arunas Matelis, Riho Västrik

  • Photography: 

    Valdis Celmins, Audrius Kemezys

  • Cast: 

    Herz Frank, Uldis Brauns, Ivars Seleckis, Aivars Freimanis, Andress Sööt, Mark Soosaar, Robertas Verba, Henrikas Sablevicius



When we make a documentary, we film the land, never forgetting that the sky is above us. While we film what is material, what we really want is to get inside the souls of the people and things that we see. Bridges of Time is poetic and reflective from beginning to end, and considering that it focuses on those who were once renowned figures of the Baltic New Wave, the film could not be shown any other way. The past and the present are woven throughout the entire film in a poetic essay on the profession of being a documentarist and what it really means, or should mean, to make a documentary.


Uldis Cekulis


Krïstine Briede

Krïstine Briede

Kristīne is a filmmaker and producer of cultural and social projects. In 2006 awarded by Latvian Culture Ministry prize “Three brothers” for the K@2 Karosta project.

Audrius Stonys

Audrius Stonys

Audrius is a globally acclaimed documentary filmmaker. In 1992 he was awarded a Felix Award from the European Film Academy for his documentary Earth of the Blind.