The Fortress


/ 2018 / Spanish with English subtitles / 84

  • Director 

    Andrés Torres

  • Producer: 

    Marlon Espíndola, Andrés Jaramillo, Enrique Torres, Andrés Torres

  • Screenplay: 

    Andrés Torres

  • Photography: 

    Carlos Galván

  • Cast: 

    Carlos Cordero, Julián Cepeda, Jorge Jácome



They say that La Fortaleza, in Bucaramanga, is one of the most violent soccer hooligan groups in Colombia. The passion of their followers is radical, and it is something they are even willing to give their lives for, which is revealed with the striking images from a fan’s funeral at the beginning of the film. This is one of the greatest virtues of this road movie: it is filmed from deep within. Together with Jorge, the film’s protagonist, and some of his comrades from the ranks, the director takes the risk of going on a road trip to southern Colombia to follow his team that is one step away of reaching the top. It doesn’t matter if there is no money for the trip or tickets, their passion is what drives them. Climbing onto moving trucks without permission, going hungry, drawing knives to take on rival fans, taking drugs, and song: these are all part of the ups and downs along the road from Bucaramanga to Popayán. Win or lose. A cycle the repeats itself throughout the years, a tattoo of the team, a passion that gives meaning to the lives portrayed in this story.


Andrés Jaramillo:


Andrés Torres

Andrés Torres

His work derives from community based immersive processes. Has produced work in Colombia and the United States. He is currently in postproduction of Rancho and in development of Laura y el rencor.