Cayiyo the Fisher Kid

  • Colombian Afro Cinema

Colombia / 2018 / Spanish with English subtitles / 9

  • Director 

    Ernesto Díaz Ruiz

  • Producer: 

    Ernesto Díaz Ruiz


    Ernesto Díaz Ruiz


  • Mar 7 - 15:00 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 1


In a small town on Colombia’s Pacific coast a woman is giving birth. Since her grandfather was born, he has claimed that the boy is destined for great things. Cayiyo grows up watching the boats and dreaming of going abroad, while the tourists’ parties contribute to the increasing pollution that is putting an end to fishing, the town’s only means of subsistence. Will Cayiyo be able to do anything to turn things around? A colorful animated short film that talks about the power we acquire when we achieve awareness.


Ernesto Díaz Ruiz


Ernesto Díaz Ruiz

He grew up an orphan in the streets of Bogotá. He was not able to complete his primary studies. Passionate about the animated films that he saw without paying in the cinemas. He became a film and tv cameraman. Since 1972 he has made commercials for celebrities such as el Granito de Café de Águila Roja. Teacher, workshop and lecturer.

Colombian Afro Cinema