Premier Iberoamericana


/ 2019 / Spanish with English subtitles / 102

  • Director 

    Alejandro Landes

  • Producer: 

    Alejandro Landes, Fernando Epstein, Santiago Zapata, Cristina Landes


    Alejandro Landes, Alexis Dos Santos

  • Photography: 

    Jasper Wolf

  • Cast: 

    Julianne Nicholson, Moisés Arias, Sofia Buenaventura, Julián Giraldo, Karen Quintero, Laura Castrillón, Deibi Rueda, Paul Cubides, Sneider Castro, Wilson Salazar, Jorge Román


  • Mar 8 - 18:00 TAM

  • Mar 10 - 16:15 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 6

  • Mar 11 - 21:15 Cine Colombia (Plaza Bocagrande) 2


“Los monos” are squadron of young guerilla recruits. In a majestic place in the mountains where this group lives and trains, one day arrives Shakira, a cow they must look after, along with the American hostage they have in custody. From the film’s beginning, Alejandro Landes’ intention to move and arouse the emotions of his audience is clear. If the raw, true images of the main character’s disability were what stood out in Porfirio (2011), in Monos, it is the mise-en-scène of situations that may never take place within an armed group, in a location where they would never hide, and with characters that dress and act in a way that would merit the convening of an immediate court-martial. Its members are just teenagers. They are irresponsible, passionate and radical. The intentional aesthetics of this film makes each shot feel like a painting, but behind this facade hides the stark reality of hostages and their guards who submit to false loyalty and betrayal. For the protagonists involved in it, the war’s illogical reasoning causes behaviors to emerge that distance us from what it means to be human.



Alejandro Landes

Alejandro Landes

Brazilian-born Alejandro Landes is a Colombian-Ecuadorian director, writer and producer. His first fiction feature Porfirio, which Landes wrote, directed, and produced, premiered in Cannes Directors’ Fortnight 2011 and won top prizes at many international film festivals.