Italy / Brazil / 2018 / Italian with Spanish and English subtitles / 92

  • Director 

    Francesco Falaschi

  • Producer: 

    Guglielmo Marchetti, Daniele Mazzocca, Fabiano Gullane, Caio Gullane, Pablo Torrecillas, Rodrigo Castellar

  • Screenplay: 

    Filippo Bologna, Ugo Chiti, Francesco Falaschi, Federico Sperindei

  • Photography: 

    Stefano Falivene

  • Cast: 

    Vinicio Marchioni, Valeria Solarino, Luigi Fedele, Nicola Siri, Mirko Frezza, Benedetta Porcaroli, Gianfranco Gallo, Alessandro Haber, Lucia Batassa, Giuseppe Laudisa



Arturo is a chef who has just been released from prison and who needs to learn to control his temper. As part of his re-adaptation process, he must finish his sentence doing community work with a group of young people with Asperger’s, who are in the care of Anna. It doesn’t take Arturo long to discover that one of the boys, Guido, has a super palate. When Guido is selected to take part in a cooking competition, Arturo accompanies him as his tutor. What he doesn’t know is that the trip will result in an unwelcome encounter with a former colleague, the narcissistic Chef Marinari, who he hates with a vengeance. What started out as an imposition gradually becomes a personal mission. Quanto basta is a touching film about striking a balance between controlling our emotions and expressing them, about the true value of friendship, learning to lose and the satisfaction of a job well done, ego, vanity and recognition aside.


Francesca Tiberi


Francesco Falaschi

Francesco Falaschi

He has directed over 20 short films, various documentaries and four feature films. Emma Sono Io (2003), Last Minute Marocco (2007), Questo mondo e’ per te (2011).