The Jarariju Sisters

  • Colombian Indigenous Cinema

Switzerland / 2018 / Wayyunaiki with Spanish and English subtitles / 20

  • Director 

    Jorge Cadena

  • Producer: 

    Gabriela Bussmann


    Jorge Cadena, Li Aparicio

  • Photography: 

    Juan Camilo Olmos

  • Cast: 

    Viviana Uriana Jarariyu, Yandris Uriana Jarariyu, Rosa Jarariyu, Wilson Sapuana



Viviana and Yindra are two young Wayuu sisters. In their native land of La Guajira, they learn their people’s traditions while weaving and listening to their grandmother’s advice, sheltered from the harsh sun of the La Guajira desert. The coal mines have been a means of livelihood, but also a constant threat of death for many of the region’s inhabitants. A tragic event decides the course of both sisters on whom the camera is constantly focused, as if attempting to decipher what lies behind their silence in this beautiful and poetic short film.



Jorge Cadena

He studied photography in Buenos Aires and film at the HEAD-Geneva (Higher School of Art and Design) where he is Bachelor of Arts in cinema.

Colombian Indigenous Cinema