Wandering Girl

  • Opening Night

Colombia, France / 2018 / Spanish with English subtitles / 82

  • Director 

    Rubén Mendoza

  • Producer: 

    Daniel García


    Rubén Mendoza

  • Photography: 

    Sofia Oggioni

  • Cast: 

    Sofía Paz Jara, Carolina Ramírez, Lina Marcela Sánchez,María Camila Mejía


  • Mar 6 - 19:00 Centro de Convenciones Julio César Turbay - Auditorio Getsemaní


Still in her preteen years, Ángela, whose mother died while giving birth to her, just lost her father in a motorcycle accident. She is now an orphan girl, a wandering girl, a girl who is no one, but who must be taken care of by someone. At the funeral, she meets her three sisters, all who are about 30 years old and who also didn’t know each other. Ángela goes on a journey with them to a place she will have to call home whether she likes it or not. Bodies, skin, clothes, taking off your clothes… The young girl’s fascination for her sisters is sincere. Each of them different, Ángela discovers that the common trait they share is their strength and a unique form of independence. The film is produced in the form of a whisper, as are Ángela’s thoughts and dreams; a whisper of freedom, fear, curiosity, pain, losses, wins, and of being uprooted. This is the road of life, and its inevitable and necessary change. There is much admiration and great respect for women in this road movie, a walkabout towards a fascinating territory that is yet to be discovered: the territory of the body, its immensity, its limits and its potential to become either a prison or a fertile ground for freedom.



Rubén Mendoza

Rubén Mendoza

Scriptwriter and director of 8 short films and 7 feature films in more than 70 international film festivals; He has won awards, scholarships and development funds from the most important institutions in the world, including Cannes, Berlin, Locarno, San Sebastián, Havana, Clermont-Ferrand, FondSud, Chicago, etc. He is always weaving a movie.