Bergman Island


Sweden / 2004 / Swedish with Spanish and English subtitles / 83

  • Director 

    Marie Nyreröd

  • Producer: 

    Marie Nyreröd

  • Screenplay: 

    Ingmar Bergman

  • Photography: 

    Arne Carlson

  • Cast: 

    Ingmar Bergman, Erland Josephson, Marie Nyreröd



For more than 40 years, the Swedish island of Faro in the Baltic Sea was the home and refuge of Ingmar Bergman. He retired from the lights and the stress of the set to “his” island, where he found pleasure in silence and solitary contemplation, in trying to decipher what his surroundings whispered to him. Whether they were “angels or demons”, they were the closest thing to eternity that could be comprehended. “Demons don’t like fresh air—they prefer it if you stay in bed with cold feet.” This is just one of the many unforgettable phrases he utters in Bergman Island, the third part of the documentary series Marie Nyreröd made for Swedish television and in which we see a more personal, sincere side of Ingmar, compared to the film director of the first episode and the director of more than 100 plays the second part portrays. A “holistic” triptych that offers a window onto the world of a man who transformed cinema.



Marie Nyreröd

Marie Nyreröd

She is a director and writer, known for Bergman och filmen, Bergman och teatern, Bergman och Fårö (2004), Den obesegrade kvinnligheten (2018) and Progg! (2001).