Mothers of the Land


Peru / 2019 / Spanish and Quechua eith Spanish and English subtitles / 73

  • Director 

    Álvaro Sarmiento , Diego Sarmiento

  • Producer: 

    Diego Sarmiento, Álvaro Sarminento; Jorge Constantino

  • Screenplay: 

    Álvaro Sarmiento, Annemarie Gunkel

  • Photography: 

    Diego Sarmiento

  • Cast: 

    Sonia Mamani, Braulia Puma, Eliana García, Brizaida Sicus, Justa Quispe



In keeping with the world view of the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Andes, as givers of life, women enjoy an intimate connection with the earth, reason why they are generally the ones who sow and tend the crops. This ensemble film explores the organic relationship five such women have with the land. Far from the chemicals and genetic modifications of modern-day farming, these indigenous communities believe the earth deserves respect and needs to be tended. The changing seasons and offerings to invoke the rain differentiate the cycles of a task that knows no end and in which men and women each have established roles, but are in constant communication with one another. The beauty of this unique spiritual connection women have with the land is captured by the sensitive eye and flawless photography of this latest film by the Sarmiento brothers. An ode to life, Sembradoras de vida harks back to the past, but has its sights firmly fixed on the present and the future.



Álvaro Sarmiento

Álvaro Sarmiento

Sarmiento is a member of the Indigenous Film Circle (Norway). He participated in the 2013 Berlinale Talent Campus. His documentary and fictional pieces have been featured in such international workshops as the Foro de Coproducción in Huelva (Spain), Produire au Sud - Festival des 3 Continents (Venezuela), Talent Campus Buenos Aires (Argentina), Docu Lab Guadalajara (Mexico), and DocAndino (Ecuador).

Diego Sarmiento

Diego Sarmiento

During their career, they have been the recipient of numerous prizes and fellowships. Green River. The time of the Yakurunas (2017) their feature debut premiered at the 67 Berlin Film Festival and the MoMA Doc Fortnight. They are also the authors of the internationally acclaimed short films Earth's Children (2014) and Sonia's Dream (2015), which also premiered at the Berlinale.