Üus Wejxia. Land and Oblivion

  • Colombian Indigenous Cinema

Colombia / 2018 / Spanish with English subtitles / 18

  • Director 

    Mauricio Acosta Rangel

  • Producer: 

    Mauricio Acosta Rangel


    Mauricio Acosta Rangel

  • Photography: 

    Alfredo Valderruten

  • Cast: 

    Andrea Yonda, Claribel Musicue, Inocencio Ramos, Rosalía Vitonás, Doris Musicue, Ary Joaqui


  • Mar 10 - 12:15 Cine Colombia (Caribe Plaza) 2


Teresa has lost her dog, Poncho. She has a dream in which several vultures are devouring the corpse of her beloved dog, and fears that it could be a premonition. Together with a friend, Teresa decides to go into a sugar cane plantation where her friend claims to have heard a dog whining, unaware of the dangers that she could encounter. Slowly, the disappearance of Poncho makes her realize a cruel reality that until that point she had been unable to size up. A short film that speaks to us of pain and the importance of every life.


Mauricio Acosta Rangel maurobyr@gmail.com


Mauricio Acosta Rangel

Master in Directing Film, is the director of documentaries such as Country of Peoples without Owners and We are raised up in our staffs. Most of his working life has been linked to training and audiovisual production in indigenous communities and university teaching. He has developed his work especially in the Nasa community of northern Cauca.

Colombian Indigenous Cinema